Child of God Orphanage

Helping my lil brothers and sisters in Christ! God is doing so much work here on Earth! It costs $60 a week to feed these beautiful children of God! I don't want them to go another day hungry! I give all that I can, however I want to go above and beyond for them and send all that I can! Let's work together and help out God's children!!! If you feel it in your heart, please do help. Anything helps!

Please leave your name and email when you donate and when I send to the children, I will ensure to give the names of who helped that time and they will make you a sign! How awesome is that?! This will also confirm receipt of your donation! Every single penny I receive will go to the kids. I will not use any of the donations for the fee to send the money, I personally will pay that fee every time. These children are so appreciative they melt my heart!

Thank you & God Bless
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