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I am a growing sound designer, and producer.
couple of months ago, my computer, my headphones and my monitors got stolen. and since then, I try to borrow computers, headphones from people I know or I can ask around my area, and by going to their house so I can study with their monitors.
I don't have a familythat can help me even a little, since my mother kicked my out when I was 15, and now I am 21 years old. I am living in a small house in Turkey, but because of the Coronavirus crisis, I lost my part time job (It was a cafe), and I can't open podcasts or do anything neither. Because of that, my landlord is asking me to leave at the end of this month, and I recently put my couch,bed,chairs,tables and many things on sale, but no one is buying them because of the crisis.
What I do everyday is basically I wake up, and spend the rest of my day with writing, because I only have a pen and a notebook, and whatever job that comes through me.
I ended up with thinking about hating my life many times, wanted all these situations to end, and I am left here, with nothing, and more feelings like that.
but now, I accepted who I am, I accepted the fact that my soul is on it's mission on earth, with my body and this life is what I've choosen to live. I also accepted and learned too much from just these small losts of mine.
I can call myself a creator, you give my hands a dough, I create something fun out of it.
with nothing in my hands left, I am close to nothing.
I am asking for your companion, on the path I've choosen,
would you like to help me?
Thanks to everyone, who cared and read.
have a nice day!
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