Food for my pets

  • Dear, (YOU) I have no money to buy their frequent cookies. They deserve the best, I know and I'm trying hard to keep them fed but I need some help.
  • My cat eats a special cookie for his health and is expensive. I have no other choice and give her a cheap cookie even though it's unhealthy for her. It makes me cry everytime she throws up her food in the morning. She is very slim now.
  • My dog's cookie is not too expensive but the money I have is so short. I couldn't buy clothes for him too, sorry for that. Here is so cold but I try to keep him warm. He was supposed to go to the veterinarian for some vaccine but I couldn't take him because of money. :(
  • I'm still in lockdown for the covid19 and I lost my work.
  • I just want them the best. They are everything to me but need some help to keep them strong and last long. I don't want to lose anyone.
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