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My name is Michel and I decided to finish my studies and I need money to keep study g as I'm from Chile and my economic situation isn't that good and cannot afford myself paying the career I need money to buy implementation. it could be a MacBook just to start as there are online classes because of the pandemic that's going on around the world, that's why I need your help, I wouldn't think twice helping a person who needs it, that's why I'm here, telling my story so you can understand what we all are going through, we can be better and I will with your help, I promise that I will put my maximum effort studying and finishing my career helping me raising the money for it. Of course I'm being truthful with all I said that's why I wrote all that please understand me as I would understand you in my situation, I'd appreciate all the help given of all the good people around the world. ? ?? "everyone got each other's dreams "
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As I get the goal money I will be giving money away as a respect reward for your help the winner will be announced as soon as I get the founds yes 2 winners.

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