Help ME Save my life of my love

I request everyone and tell me that I love a girl very much but the girl's father is very rich.I'm very poor from them.There is no good house for me to stay.I study with many hardships. I wanted to stay away from love. But how to do it Hold on to me. I can not forget my love. But we are poor, so the girl's father will not give me their daughter to me.What do I do now? Now there is no way except my death. Last 2 days ago I tried to commit suicide. I have stopped eating. I can not bear it anymore. God help me. I want to be everyone else. I want to get that girl. Otherwise, there is no way other than suicide. Please help me. If I'm someone in your family What did not help? I can not bear it anymore. Give me this money and I can marry him from a girl's father. Please help me, please, please.
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Shahin alam

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